Fees and Classes

Practice at Southland Aikido


A monthly Aikido membership fee entitles members access to all scheduled classes listed, unless noted that permission needed. The Iaido only fee entitles you access to only the listed Iaido classes, unless you are paying dues for both. The registration fee is only charged once when signing up for the first time. However, as students progress and test for rank, there are additional testing fees which goes directly to registering and recording the student’s rank with the USAF headquarters and/or Hombu Dojo, Japan.
New Student Special OfferSouthland Aikido hosts special workshops and seminars throughout the year to enhance the training of its students. These workshops and seminars will usually have separate costs. Students are not obligated to attend them, but are highly encouraged to do so as it provides significant benefits to one’s training.
Our instructors volunteer their time to teach at the dojo. All proceeds from membership fees go directly back to the upkeep and improvement of the dojo for its members’ benefit.
Dojo registration fee: $35 (1-time)
Regular Adult Membership
·       Aikido monthly fee: $105/month
·       Iaido only monthly fee: $75/month
·       Aikido & Iaido monthly fee: $130/month
·       Aikido quarterly fee: $300/quarter
·       Aikido & Iaido quarterly fee: $380/quarter
Family Discount
·       Aikido monthly fee for two family members: $155/month
·       For each family member after the first two: $50/month
Military Veterans
Post 9/11 military veteran: $85/month Current Students (Must show valid ID)
·       Student membership fee taking 6+ credits: $75/month
·       Student and a post 9/11 military veteran: $65/month 
Daily mat fees (for visiting non-members)
·       USAF members: $10
·       Non-USAF visitors: $20
Aikido Uniforms
Adult uniform, depending on size $55-$65 each